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October 4th 2020

Subject: The response by Lester Gayton to William Morris' statement, "If you pray through Jesus he will answer you"...

Lester Gaytons response:

"Show me the name Jesus in the old testament. Did one prophet of the Most High prophesy the name Jesus in the old testament? The Messiah was a Hebrew. How did he go from having a hebrew name to greek to latin to Jesus? Again GOD is a title and not a name.

HERE'S-YOUR- ANSWER'S Editor  Response:

You will not find the name Jesus in the old testament. But by no means does that mean the person who Christians refer to as Jesus was not prophesied by the prophets of God. Let's take your statement and the questions within , point by point.

1. God is a title and not a name. 

   You are correct...the word "God" has been given to many objects of worship by humans. "the god of thunder", "the god of fertility"..the god of this and the god of that.  But when the word God is used in the Bible as in the book of Genesis, for example, it is referring to The one without a "cause"...What do you mean without a "cause"? you might ask. 

a. The theory of Cause and Effect:

   This theory simply states that everything in existence was caused to become into existence by something that came before it.

   For example, you exist. But your fathers seed and your mothers womb caused you. and you are the "effect" in the equation. They are the "cause" and you are the "effect".

   The house you live in. The "cause" was the workmen who planned it,gathered the materials (which also has a cause)... and built it. The " effect" is the house.

    The universe has a cause also. The material universe, and all parts within(our solar system, other systems, etc) had to have a cause just like all other matter. 

b. God does not have a "cause":

     The God referred to in the Bible is the being or entity WITHOUT a "Cause". It is difficult for us to wrap our limited minds around this.  He is the power that causes ALL "effect" whether directly or indirectly. He created the universe and everything within. He created all things, visible and invisible.

This is what Christians mean when they say "GOD".

Show me the name Jesus in the old testament:

    As with practically ALL prophecies, there is rarely a name given to the being that the prophecy is pointing to. It gives timeframes ,timelines, and attributes that can unmistakably be contributed  to just one person or one event. Messiah means the "anointed one" as I'm sure  you know. But anointed to be what?  Anointed to be the savior-king of Israel!

a. There's only one individual in history who fit ALL of the messianic prophecies

Now there are dozens of Messianic prophecies that identified who the savior-king would be and what he would do. They told where he would be born(Micah5:2) he would die(Is. 53:3-5)the price of his betrayal(Zech 11:12) and nature of his ministry(Is 61:1) There are many more. even the type of death he would experience(Psa 22:16). Then there's Mal 3:1 about him being preceded by a forerunner(John the Baptist)..Zech 9:9..Isa 53:7

   To add to this, this prophesied individual not only fit the 7 listed here, but close to 50 other major prophesies about his life and death.

     It is said in Peter Stoners book,"Science Speaks" that the probability of these passages being fulfilled by ONE MAN is 1 in a quadrillion!

Well, who does these prophecies fit and What's in a Name?

    The clear question then should be who does these prophecies refer to. Frankly, there is only one man that they refer to. And that is the man Christians refer to as Jesus. 

    But, you state that this couldn't be because the name Jesus wasn't prophecied specifically ? 
   God is brilliant. There's a reason why prophets don't name specific names. Think about that deeply for a minute. Does the word imposter come to mind?

   And there is a prophetic scripture that comes to mind that almost breaks the pattern of not naming future names. Both Moses and Isaiah said his name would be called "salvation" ,which when translated means "Yeshua" in Hebrew and "Jesus" in the greek/english (Ex 15:2,Isa 12:2-6)   But anyway...

  a. The Messiah was a Hebrew. 

   Yes, the Messiah WAS a Hebrew. And the Angel who announced the birth of Christ to Mary  told her to name him Yeshua, which indeed is Hebrew and the Hebrew name for Jesus!    But can you imagine how limited the spread of the gospel would be if God insisted that all peoples thru out all history moving forward must learn and understand Hebrew?

     Greek was one of the largest languages spoken world wide at the time. Today, english is vastly spoken worldwide and english also uses many words from other languages as the origin of its words and meanings.

   Here is a clear example;

 There's a person growing up in a spanish speaking country and was never exposed to any other language. There was a book written about  a man named Guillermo who was the founder and hero in his countries history. 

Someone decided to translate the book to english so that a person who doesn't understand spanish could understand the book. So in the book he referred to Guillermo as "William"...Now in truth, the translator did not change the persons name.. The person simply translated the name "Guillermo" to the corresponding name in english. That's it.

I hope this was helpful. 

Agape Love!